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EPISODE III (The great anticipation and the good good by.)
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Welcome to STARWALKER RANCH home of the X Wing Alliance Atmospheric Shipsets.

Latest updates: May 3rd, 2005
As of right now I am going on a trip for two weeks. So far the only other member of the project besides my self is Master Qui Gon. So im leaving Master Qui Gon in charge more or less. He is currently working on making some levels for the opts to be placed in. I have also requested that he may make some levels with the coruscant opts as well. As of right now he is constructing a set of beta levels. This is great because I do not have a full registered version of allied and he does. Id ask of Master Qui Gon not to release any of the night time pics while I am gone. Although he may show pics of the day time version of the city on his own site or by emailing them to me and letting me put the pics here. I am not going to be working on the project while I am away. However there is a computer where I am staying. So I may possibly update the pics on the page while I am away. I have planned to show all the nighttime pics on the day before revenge of the sith. However I may show them as early as the end of this week if Master Qui Gon
can prepare the beta demo levels for the day before revenge of the sith. this way ill have somthing to release for that date either way. Do not put pressure on Master Qui Gon to finish the stuff early. Sense hes only finding out about lot of it at the last minute. As for new pics on the page I have added 2 more night time teaser pics in the screenshots section. They consist of 2 pics of the jedi temple at night. I have also included day time pics of the jedi temple. The jedi temple was originaly opted by Master Qui Gon. However I revised the textures to make it a little more true to the colors from the movies. I gave it night textures as well. I also tryed to make it blend in with the city that I built. Speaking of which I have pics of the revised opts for the city.
with before shots from april 24th and new shots from today. The difference is that I
retexured the floor to make it look much more realistic. So check out the stuff
in the screenshots section and enjoy. Also feel free to tell me what you think of it. If youd like to contact me email me or send me a post or reply in the xwa upgrade pilot lounge I will be checking it every 2 or 3 days while im away.
Oh yah and I also changed the music and banner on the home page if you have not yet noticed. Or if this is your first time being here.

Latest updates: April 24th 2005

As far as screenshots of the project go I am currently showing the day time pics of the city (Coruscant). I also have teaser pics of the night time version of the city. I will soon be releasing the full night time pics. I will also release pics of the traffic opts as well. Plus there are some revisions I want to do to the day time version of the city, Like retexturing the ground. So you can expect updated day time pics of the city.

 The night time version is basically finished and when I say that I mean 95 percent complete. The 5 % is small textural work which won’t take anymore than

an hour. The textural work has to be done on the city floor. There were some textures that I wasn’t pleased with on the city floor. There also is some small work to be done in allied moving the opts around in there proper places and what not. I am looking for volunteers for that part of the project although I may do it myself. However I will need the full version of allied to do this sense my test version is acting all funny. If anybody helps me with that part of the project that could sure speed things up.

Secondly it would also give me more time to work on the traffic opts for the project

Which right now consist of the standard air bus and landing platforms as well as hovering advertisement signs. All these opts which I am mentioning are 100%complete. However I would like to ad more opts in to the traffic sections of the city this is also an area where volunteers may be able to help me out. So if any opters out there want to send me there traffic opts or dxfs id be glad to take them.

The air bus which I have made can be seen at the end of return of the jedi and in episode 1. I also need to make the mission for the game. I am planning out a complex story which I hope will capture the spirit that the films had, which is exciting and also spiritually enlightening. The story will take place in both pre and post return of the jedi time period.

I have also included an Episode 3 hype section on my site. It includes all the latest pics and trailers. It also includes an write up section. The write up section will be very interesting I think. It currently includes one essay about Vader. The essays get into the philosophical spiritual implications about the films. As time goes on I will write more write ups. I am also willing to place the write ups of other fans on my page. There will be a Episode 3 discussion forum on my site as well. I will place this on the next update of my site. I will encourage people to use spoilers warnings and what not depending on the material.

I have also put some effort into the soundtrack of the site. For example I made this great blend in the episode 3 section. It starts from the episode 1 soundtrack, episode 3 to 6 you get the idea. All through mysite you will different songs spliced together. This gives fans the similar feelings that the episode 3 soundtrack produces. That is this sort of blend from the early episodes to the later episodes. (e.g. in the help section I blended a song from ep1 with the alliance assembly song. They sound very good check it out.

I am also currently constructing a tribute section to George Lucas and Joseph Campbell (personal teacher of George Lucas.)

As the weeks go on I will add info to the story section of the page. There you can find info about the plot and characters for my next shipset. There will also be illustrated images.

There will be a demo released a day or two before The release Revenge Of The Sith. So keep posted around may 17th and 18th. The demo will include one or two skirmish levels over Coruscant.

It would be great if people volunteered to help out with the shipset. That would surly speed things up around here. I am also will to work with other peoples shipsets. So give me an email or on my forum preferably. For more info check the help section.


Attention help needed
I am currently looking for help with the project. If you are interested
either e-mail me at or send me a post or reply in
the X Wing Alliance upgrade pilot lounge. You can also reach me at the forum. For more details on how you can help please check the help section.



For info or Volunteering contact me Or try the Forum